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Today, the number of Small & Medium Enterprises is increasing, and they have been in close contact with each other. However, to compete with large and long-established businesses is very difficult. Science and technology continue to develop to serve and meet the needs of promoting businesses.These businesses make use of technological advantages, particularly the ability to promote the professional tools to raise their brand awareness. Understanding the real needs of the enterprises, IM Conversion is created to promote products to potential customers. In the IM Conversion review, I will show how IM Conversion can bring success to many businesses.


IM Conversion is built entirely on the web-base. Therefore you do not need to install directly on the computer but only access them through an online account. The software allows you to create ads that are not bound anything. You can add different content to popup ads. In addition you can also create banners allowing users to access information and orientation to any one site. IM Conversion provides an interface that allows you to monitor and collect any user interaction through popups, banner you created. This is useful in monitoring, analyzing and making strategic marketing plays. The next section of the review article, I will present details of the function that IM Conversion brings.



  1. Easy to use

The construction of an ad in the IM Conversion is extremely easy. You just make drag and drop operations. IM Conversion targets both users and inexperienced, so the design of the software is extremely user-friendly and easy to manipulate. The software provides you with a lot of designs for popups classified in a variety of different topics. For each template, you can customize the layout, colors, content and link. However, with many designers, the sample ads are still not enough. Therefore, the software allows you to perform a self-define the size and design of the entire contents for a popup. To create popup, you must specify the original size; this is very important because it will determine the content that popup can contain. The next step, you will put the content on the popup. The content is the software support is very diverse, and applied in many situations, such as buttons, text, edit text, images, shapes, links, … with each asset you can change its design. For example, the button, you can change the color, curvature of the button, shadow effects. To put content into popup, you simply drag and drop to the desired position.

Outside popups, IM Conversion supports you design the banner contains information. The banner usually appears at the top or bottom of the page. You can collect user information from banner and orientation to a particular page. The banner is designed completely similar to popup. In many cases, poorly designed ones will obscure part of the information.


  1. Smart trigger to action

Trigger is one of the crucial elements in the advertisement. The design of the trigger requires you to grasp the customer psychology. Embedding into the popup helps identify trigger events and respond to the impact of information events. However, determining where to place the trigger requires a lot of experience.

To embed a trigger on an action in the web service, you can simply right-click on the object to be embedded trigger, and then point out the action will be executed. There are many forms giving rise to trigger events, such as clicking on a button, drag, pull an object, close a popup, input text, all of which can give rise to an action. When customers click on the button, it will give rise to an event as opening the product page and go to the payment gateway. Applying trigger a reasonable and accurate manner is a crucial factor in attracting customers.

A problem that arises is how you can monitor the current status of ads. This is supported IM Conversion optimization of function through analysis and statistics.


  1. Detailed Analytics

With extremely visual design, functional analysis of IM Conversion helps users to assess the actual situation closely. All data are presented in graphical form. The values are updated immediately help you grasp the latest situation. Through this interface, you can also change the parameters of statistics by day and hour. This is an extremely interesting function.



IM Conversion is a useful tool for both the experienced and the inexperienced. Software supports throughout design popups, banners, reviews and testing. With what the networking software, you will quickly boost advertising revenue from your own. Through IM Conversion review, I would like to give you useful information about this software.